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The Power of a Single Touchpoint Billing System

The Power Of A Single Touchpoint Billing System

Many have researched the patient journey to evaluate the patient’s overall experience. Touchpoints from booking the appointment to initial exams to follow-up visits are all studied to determine patient satisfaction. One study showed that for an outpatient procedure, a patient was in contact with over fifty different health professionals! This is necessary and helpful when preparing for surgery. However, studies show that after a medical procedure is complete, most patients want a single touchpoint billing system to help them manage their health and billing needs. 

Improving the Patient Experience

The patient experience is influenced by multiple touchpoints, from nurses to doctors to the anesthesiologist. However, one important aspect of the patient journey that is often overlooked is the billing process. Friendly nurses and informative doctors can be forgotten if a patient has a negative experience with the billing department. Receiving multiple calls, emails, and bills in the mail can frustrate patients, causing them to delay or even avoid payment. Having to explain their financial situations to multiple people multiple times can be exhausting, especially as they recover from medical procedures.

That’s why many hospitals have chosen to move to a single touchpoint billing system. Instead of having separate services for Accident Recovery, Public Benefits, Payment Plans, and more, patients can choose from a variety of solutions all consolidated in one place. When patients can find a solution that works for their situation, they are more likely to work to pay off their balances.

As a revenue cycle professional, you understand how important patient satisfaction is to the financial health of your hospital. Patients who have positive experiences are more likely to pay their bills on time and remain loyal to your organization. MedCity News identifies components that improve the patient experience. They include:

  • Personalization: Patients want a personalized experience, where their circumstances are understood and they are presented with all available options. 
  • Process: Patients prefer clarity and simplicity in billing, empowering them to make informed decisions.
  • People: Patients desire caring advocates to help them navigate complicated insurance processes.
  • Platform: Although many patients prefer digital solutions, they should always be complemented with positive human interactions.

A single touchpoint billing system allows each of these components to be addressed, resulting in an improved patient experience.


Economic Value

A positive patient journey results in increased revenue—both from paid bills and customer loyalty. One group found that healthcare organizations that simplify the patient statement and billing process are more likely to achieve a higher patient collection rate than systems that continue to collect with multiple separate bills. 

A single touchpoint billing system also increases efficiency in your organization, reducing the number of paper statements that need to be mailed out. It can also reduce the number of concerned phone calls the office receives after a patient opens a confusing bill. Saving time and resources mean saving your hospital money and improving your revenue cycle.


Need Help?

Although the benefits of a single patient touchpoint system are numerous, implementing one can seem daunting at the outset. Changes may need to be made in your staff, technology, policies, and processes. The Midland Group’s One-Touch Solutions offer a personalized approach to healthcare billing and collecting that allows people to work together to ensure a positive outcome for everyone involved. It gives the patient a sense of ownership in the decision making process and it is also a respectful way to handle collections. A patient is no longer just a file shifted from person to person, but rather, an active participant in the financial outcome, which can lead to greater financial recovery and a healthier patient/provider relationship. Book your free assessment today to see how you can maximize all potential revenue surrounding all types of liability claims.​

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