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Company Fact Sheet

Looking for quick information about The Midland Group? You’ve come to the right place. Here is a handy list of basic info about The Midland Group, what we do, and how you can get in contact with us.

Media Contact

Adam Lovelace
Director of Strategic Initiatives and Marketing


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Address and Contact

The Midland Group
1310 Wakarusa Drive, Ste. A
Lawrence, Kansas 66049
(888) 233-8825

On the Web

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What We Do

The Midland Group provides hospital revenue cycle services focused on maximizing our client hospitals’ reimbursement from self-pay accounts and third-party payers. Services focused on self-pay accounts include Public Benefits Eligibility and The Midland Managed Payment Plan. Third-Party Billing and Accident/Liability Lien Filing are services Midland provides that help hospitals maximize reimbursement from third-party payment sources.

Midland uses the most up-to-date technology including a custom designed patient contact database, as well as automated telephone contact protocols using VoIP technology.


The story of our founding is different than most others, and it has shaped our culture and philosophy profoundly. The Midland Group began almost by accident. We were created in the law office of Kansas Legal Services, a non-profit law firm serving people living on the margins of society. The caseload was fairly typical – bankruptcies, divorces, issues with landlords – difficulties of life that afflict many, but for the clients of KLS these events could often mean the difference between survival and destitution.

One day, a KLS lawyer was counseling a young woman on her impending bankruptcy. During the course of the meeting the lawyer discovered that her client had been hospitalized recently. The bill was substantial and the young woman was uninsured. All she had, the client said in a shaky voice, was this Medicaid application a social worker handed her when she was discharged. But completing the application overwhelmed her, and she didn’t know what to do. The application was turned over to a paralegal, who completed the application and helped the client assemble the documentation needed to verify her application, and just a few weeks later the young woman was notified that she had been approved for coverage by Medicaid. The hospital was paid for services that certainly would have been a total loss, a young woman averted an economic catastrophe, and a light-bulb went off in Roger McCollister’s head.

Roger was the Executive Director of KLS and, along with his associates and staff, recognized the mutual interest of hospitals and patients in qualifying uninsured patients for Medicaid. Roger founded The Midland Group to work with hospitals to bridge the gap between uninsured patients facing an uncertain future and the resources designed to help them, whether Medicaid, Crime Victim’s Assistance, Social Security Disability representations, and affordable, patient-friendly payment plans.

We started with one hospital. Today we work with hundreds of hospitals nationwide. But everything we do goes back to that very first client, a sick and scared patient looking for help. You won’t find a company with more dedication to helping patients access the care they need, whether it’s driving them from their home to an appointment at your facility, or covering the cost of appealing a denial. Uninsured patients represent a business problem, yes, but they also represent the very reason why people dedicate their life to health and healing – the idea that life can get better.

Just the Facts

  • The Midland Group was founded in 1989 by our President and CEO Roger McCollister.
  • The Midland Group is owned and controlled by The Independence Charitable Trust, a 501(c)3 organization whose mission it to provide grants to other charitable organizations.
  • The Midland Group national headquarters is located in Lawrence, Kan.
  • The Midland Group serves hospital customers nationwide from six regional offices.
  • Currently, The Midland Group serves hundreds of hospital customers ranging in size from 500+ bed academic teaching facilities to surgery centers to critical access hospitals.
  • The Midland Group employs more than 150 people including attorneys, public benefits specialists, technical and professional staff, and support personnel.

Events & Endorsements

The Midland Group regularly speaks at, sponsors and participates in industry conferences and events of professional organizations such as Healthcare Financial Management Association, American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management, as well as several state hospital associations.

The Midland Group is a member of the Oklahoma Hospital Association Preferred Partner Network (OHA PPN). Companies selected as members of the OHA PPN are thoroughly vetted and exclusively endorsed as suppliers of high quality, cost-effective goods and services to Oklahoma member hospitals.

Midland Speakers

Steve Fredrickson
Steve Fredrickson is a CPA and Chief Financial Officer for The Midland Group. Steve’s expertise includes tax issues related to hospital compliance.

Kimberly Condon

Kim is our Regional Director of Operations and an attorney with more than 20 years experience with public benefits law. She speaks on related topics including 501(r) compliance and Social Security Disability issues.

Speaker Requests

Interested in hearing one of our keynotes or another speaker? Fill out the Speaker Request Form.

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