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Our Mission, Values & Vision

Healthy-FamilyIt is the mission of The Midland Group to improve access to healthcare for the low income and disadvantaged.

Health is a foundational value for The Midland Group. Nothing in life can replace good health. Without health, the other gifts we receive in life cannot be enjoyed to their fullest extent. Healthy individuals are better able to live well and enjoy their lives. Healthy individuals are also free to build a better future for themselves and their families. In addition, healthy individuals are capable of fully realizing their role as a productive member of society.

In many respects, the financial health of the hospitals in our communities is essential to the mission and long-term viability of each hospital, as well as the health of the community in which it serves. Without the necessary margin to maintain operations and plan for future facility needs, a hospital may fall behind in its ability to meet obligations to patients, communities, and stakeholders. At The Midland Group, we see the financial health of the hospital as an essential element in the overall health of the community.

At The Midland Group, we have a desire to help ensure that everyone has access to basic healthcare services. This desire was one of the driving motivations behind the founding of our company in 1989, and it is the commitment to this idea that guides our business operations every day.

Our Values

  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Fairness
  • Health
  • Integrity
  • Kindness
  • Knowledge/Expertise
  • Leadership
  • Partnering
  • People First
  • Philanthropy
  • Respect

Our Vision

It is the vision of The Midland Group to improve people’s access to healthcare and protect the financial health of hospitals. Success in one naturally leads to success in the other. We strive to be a trusted advisor and business partner of choice to our client hospitals. This includes being a passionate advocate for their patients. We exist to help hospitals advance their mission and build a healthier future for their communities.

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