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One-Touch Solution: A New Way of Looking at Self Pay Cash Flow

Self-pay balances are growing. Why are they so hard to collect?

bills-calendarAs a revenue cycle professional, it isn’t that you haven’t tried. You may have an army of vendors or your own staff chasing those elusive self-pay dollars. Statements are sent, phone calls are made, and letters are delivered…only to do it again the next month, collecting little more than the low hanging fruit. And then at day 91, you’re still sitting on a heap of unpaid accounts, sending patients to hard collections—a bad option for all involved (except for your collection agency!).

The problem? Using multiple vendors, each focused on a single aspect of the collection process, denies patients what they need the most—a single point of contact, a personal patient advocate – that can guide them through all the options to resolve their account, so they can select the best choice for them. Which is key. Because we all know that when a patient owns the solution, when it’s their choice, a resolved account is close at hand.

Advocating for Patients with a One-Touch Solution

Midland’s Patient Advocates, in a single touch—the very first touch— counsel each patient on all payment opportunities, from payment in full to various payment and discount alternatives. Our one-touch solution is a unique approach that’s proven both highly effective in gaining patient cooperation as well as assuring your reputation within the community.

But we go well beyond patient advocacy. Leveraging our 25 years of experience, expertise, and powerful technology to drive superior results from each facet of self-pay account resolution, our process can be custom-tailored to your hospital’s policies and requirements. This includes early and short-term cash collections, public benefits eligibility processing and, if needed, extended payment plans. All resulting in the best possible outcome for the hospital and the patient.

And isn’t that what you want?

The Midland Group – One Patient. One Touch. One Solution.™

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