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Midland Patient Payment Plan FAQs

A. All patients qualify by agreeing to the terms of the contract. Midland does not ask the patient about their income or credit score.

A. The payment terms are at the hospital’s discretion. The hospital may place restrictions on the number of months a patient is allowed to repay a debt or the minimum monthly payment.

A. Midland’s interest rate for patients participating in the patient payment plan is 1% or less than 1% of the outstanding principal per month (depending on the medical usury laws in your state). Midland normally recovers the interest from the patient. However, if the hospital wishes to cover some or all of the interest the patient would normally pay, Midland is agreeable. Midland is flexible to treat each account individually.

A. Yes. Additional charges from the same provider may be added to the patient’s account without requiring the patient to sign a new contract. The hospital may choose to extend the term of the patient’s payment plan or increase the monthly payment.

A. Midland does not charge a late fee to the patient or the facility if they are late with a payment.

A. All material, staff, postage, and telephone charges needed to administer and market the program is provided at no charge to the hospital by Midland.

A. Midland provides a toll-free customer service center for patients to inquire about their account or make payments by phone. Patients always talk directly to a live person.

A. Midland sends a remittance check twice per month. The hospital retains 100% of the principal collected.

A. Midland will contact patients from our customer service center. This person will work within the parameters of the hospital’s processes to enroll patients in the program.

A. The Midland Group is a company created from a vision of serving the disadvantaged and, at the same time, providing a valuable service to the healthcare industry. The Midland Group was established to fulfill the charitable mission of improving access to healthcare for low-income people.

People hired to work at Midland are selected not only on their qualifications but also their attitude. We strive to hire people who embrace a customer service philosophy and who are compassionate by nature. We have an extensive customer service training program that gives employees the tools they need to deliver excellent customer service.

Midland is owned and controlled by The Independence Charitable Trust (ICT), a 501(c)(3) charitable trust. ICT is directed by a board of citizen leaders with the mission of providing grants to other charitable organizations. Each month, The Midland Group donates a portion of their revenue to ICT.

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