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OneClaim: Accident Reimbursement Solutions

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Accident Reimbursement Solutions

Hospital Accident Reimbursement Solutions provided by The Midland Group’s OneClaim division is a comprehensive program designed to maximize all potential revenue surrounding:

  • First-Party Payer Sources (Personal Injury Protection or MedPay Reimbursement)
  • Third-Party Sources (Bodily Injury Claims and/or Hospital Liens)
  • Workers’ Compensation



First-Party Payer Sources

Utilizing MedPay and PIP (Personal Injury Protection) can help you maintain a healthy revenue cycle. Our team has a proven track record of efficiently handling first party claims to provide our clients with higher returns and fewer outstanding AR days.

Third-Party Payer Sources

Third-party claims and hospital liens can be extremely complicated and tedious. Your efforts could be all for naught if they are filed incorrectly. Our lien adjudication specialists have the expertise to file and manage the hospital lien process on your behalf to ensure maximum revenue recovery in a timely manner.


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Expert Staff

Our accident reimbursement specialists have expertise in auto liability insurance, personal injury law, and Worker’s’ Compensation billing & follow-up activities. Our dedicated specialists have successfully recovered tens of thousands accident liability claims!​


Maximum Reimbursement

Our expert team works hard to consistently secure an average success rate of 90% for our hospital partners across the United States.​


Effective Process

Our team of highly trained reimbursement specialists will file all the necessary documents on behalf of your organization, ensuring the highest rate of medical reimbursement towards any qualified outstanding medical bills.​


“I have worked with the Midland Group for 14 year. Kelly James is wonderful to work with and her willingness to help patients is just amazing. Overall, I only have good things to say about Midland.”
Socorro E.Physician Billing Supervisor
“I have worked closely with Midland in multiple acute care settings since 2014 and have found their solutions to be an instrumental part of our revenue cycle operation. Midland has helped me to understand that patient advocacy goes beyond completing and submitting Medicaid applications. Midland puts the patient first and is relentless in finding solutions for patients that need assistance resolving their bill. Midland has proved to be a valuable asset in the hospitals I’ve served.”
Brian G.Director PFS

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