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The Midland Group: A History of Service


Our company was born from a desire to help people. In 1989, a young attorney helped an uninsured woman complete a Medicaid application. This small act helped the woman avoid a financial tragedy. At the same time, the hospital where she had received her treatment was paid for their healthcare services. The young attorney, realizing that there was an everyday opportunity to help hospitals manage their revenue and relationships with patients and to increase access to health care for low-income individuals, subsequently founded The Midland Group. And it all began with one Medicaid case.

What We Do

The Midland Group is owned and run by the Independence Charitable Trust (ICT), a 501(c)(3) charitable trust directed by a board of citizen leaders with a mission to provide grants to other charitable organizations.

The mission of The Midland Group is to help hospitals manage revenue and relationships with self-pay patients and to improve access to health care for low-income individuals. Hundreds of facilities serving hundreds of thousands of patients nationwide have benefited from our services.

In the last year, The Midland Group has successfully helped more than 40,000 people obtain access to public benefits. We manage many millions of dollars in patient accounts under extended payment arrangements. Our lien specialists have filed and successfully recovered on more than 8,000 accident/liability liens for our client hospitals. We’ve billed over $100 million in Medicaid and commercial charges, as well as Workers’ Compensation charges.

Patient Advocacy

The Midland Group allows patients to arrange monthly payment plans that fit their budget, as well as allow the hospital the potential to collect 100% of charges owed. For the patient, it is an opportunity to pay their financial obligations in full with no negative impact on their personal credit record or credit report. And for small or mid-size hospitals (25 – 300 beds), The Midland Group offers the same level of service and commitment as we would to larger hospitals –all at a fraction of the cost!

Hospital Business Office Managers are invited to contact The Midland Group to assess their needs, integrate with our services, and determine the long-term impact on their overhead and revenue flow.

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