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Utilize The Midland Group to Maintain a Healthy Revenue Cycle

Utilize The Midland Group To Maintain A Healthy Revenue Cycle

To make sure that healthcare providers remain financially solvent and successful they must have a well-oiled revenue cycle partnered with a proactive outreach program. The Midland Group’s available proactive approach works to funnel patients toward the best financial outcome based on their unique set of circumstances to benefit both the care provider and the patient.

Initiating contact with the patient in a friendly, consultative manner helps to uncover and address small errors before they become big problems while also “greasing the wheels” for a positive financial outcome for all parties. Building a long lasting relationship between the care provider and its patient is crucial to maintaining repeat, compensated visits and to provide a clear understanding of collection options made available throughout the non-delinquent AR period.

Revenue Cycle Roadblocks

Here are just a few of the common roadblocks that can stall the revenue cycle and potentially create a negative customer experience which the Midland Group’s One Touch Solution process seeks to correct through its proactive outreach program:

Insurance is Not Correctly Applied

If the patient’s insurance was not provided or there was an oversight during the registration process Midland’s account review process prior to our outreach will likely identify that potential issue before it evolves into a bad patient experience. The Midland agent will soft transfer (when possible) the patient into the billing office so they can provide corrected insurance information and make a formal request that the services are re-billed. It sounds simple, but it is so, so common. We understand that registration is busy and each patient experience is unique. The very nature of accidents is that they are not planned, so it is not uncommon for a patient to arrive at your facility unprepared or without the proper documentation.  Having a second eye review the account for accuracy in billing before a situation evolves plays a large role in creating a positive patient experience beyond just the treatment provided.

Credit and Debt

In some instances, a patient may have credit available on one account but owe a balance on another. Midland Group professionals are skilled at identifying any balance discrepancies among guarantor connected accounts. They will coordinate with the patient and the billing office so that all necessary adjustments can be made to determine if any balance remains.  Once that updated final balance is understood, Midland staff will work with the patient to present all financial options available to them.

Charity Application

A patient or account holder may be working directly with the hospital to receive charity assistance. Midland staff can work with the patient to streamline the process for future accounts during the approval process and attempt to combine any new accounts with those in the application process.  This may allow the care provider the opportunity to save time preparing a second application or potentially identify new, more revenue friendly options which may not have been available to the patient at the time of the original charity application

Wrongful Claims

On occasion, a patient might be unsatisfied with the service or level of care they received from their care provider. What if the patient had required a leg amputation but the wrong leg was removed? All joking aside, a patient might balk at paying their balance when an error (real or perceived) has occurred. Midland professionals are willing to step in and discuss options with the patient to gain payment or streamline the process of putting that patient in touch with the correct care provider personnel to ensure their concerns are heard and ultimately resolved in a satisfactory manner for both parties.

Record Updates

The Midland Group works to uncover any changes in addresses or phone numbers. If a discrepancy is found, The Midland agent may contact the client to provide those updates. Having current records on hand is critical so that a patient can be quickly and effortlessly reached when necessary. The Midland’s efforts and technology help you to maintain clean data which can then be shared as updates are uncovered.

Creating viable and lasting relationships between a care provider and its patients is the key to any care provider’s success. Providing that second set of eyes and proactively reviewing and working each account helps to identify small errors before they become larger problems. Getting out in front of those problems is what will set you apart from the competition. As with any business, a care provider’s revenue cycle must continue unfettered so that the facility remains financially viable. The Midland Group works closely with all provider personnel and patients to ensure that all accounts are resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. Book your free assessment today to see how you can maximize all potential revenue surrounding all types of liability claims.​

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