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News Release: Disability Professionals Joins The Midland Group

News Release: Disability Professionals Joins The Midland Group

Lawrence, Kansas (PRWEB) December 17, 2019 — Effective January 1, 2020, Disability Professionals will officially join The Midland Group.

Disability Professionals is a disability advocacy service with locations in Wichita, Lawrence, Pueblo, and Sioux Falls.  Since 1994, DP has helped thousands of disabled individuals obtain benefits from the Social Security Administration. They have very experienced advocates that assist people to apply and appeal denials for these disability benefits.

DP’s Qualified Social Security Disability Advocates have been successful at all phases of the administrative process. DP helps with:

  • Initial Social Security Disability applications
  • Administrative hearings
  • Advice and referrals

As of now, DPs have over 500 open cases and have assisted thousands of people over their 25 year existence. In the past, they have frequently provided application and appeal assistance to Midland hospital patients seeking SSI or SSDI to qualify for Medicaid. Without a doubt, The Midland Group believes that Disability Professional’s SSA certified non-attorney advocates are some of the best professionals available today.

By creating this merger, The Midland Group will greatly enhance our effectiveness in getting patients eligible for Medicaid. Additionally, this allows us to open up a new service line to patients who want to not only get Medicaid but also cash benefits.

We are confident that this new relationship with Disability Professionals will give us more opportunities to help more people and develop wider reach. We can’t be more excited to work alongside the DP team!

Let’s all welcome Disability Professionals as part of The Midland Group!

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