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Self-Pay Solutions

Offered exclusively by The Midland Group, our One Patient. One Touch. One Solution is a comprehensive system of services to maximize and expedite self-pay patient revenue recovery of every type. This integrated suite of services provided by a single vendor permits immediate progress toward recovery of all self-pay revenues without the delay and interruption caused by using multiple vendors. Here’s how it works:

Public Benefits Eligibility

First, patients are immediately screened to promptly identify a patient’s eligibility for every available public benefit source like Medicaid and Social Security Disability benefits. Midland pursues the application and follows through until payment is made

Early Out Options

Next, if a patient is not eligible for public benefits, Midland staff can immediately implement your prompt pay discount policy or offer them short term “early out” payment choices—all according to your specifications.

Extended Payment Options

If the patient needs more time, Midland’s Managed Payment Plan is administered personally and respectfully to each patient regardless of credit history. You can expect monthly statements delivered to the patient, remittance payments returned to you daily along with a complete reporting of the status of every account entrusted to Midland.

501(r) and Charity Management

Finally, the timely identification of those patients truly without available financial resources or those unwilling to satisfy their obligations eliminates wasted and duplicate efforts to speed up pursuit of all available options. Midland will implement and document your efforts required by the new 501(r) regulations and other charity care guidelines your facility has established.

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